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A six-step analysis to tailor a plan that best meets your property needs

This is our proprietary system that we use with both sellers and buyers to help us identify where your property needs lie, and what the best way is for us to help you meet them and achieve your goals. It is a comprehensive analysis that enables us to tailor a plan that is unique to you and set you up for success in your real estate journey.

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Buying A Property

Just as we would with other significant purchases that we make, we would often consult our friends (that include Google for some of us) for advice or research online before proceeding further. This is time-consuming and often ends up leaving you with more questions than you started off with. We get that. This is why we have created a structured programme just for buyers like you.

Yes, we want your business, but this is not a sales pitch meeting for us. Our priority is to get to know you and better understand your needs. We are also there to answer any initial queries you might have about buying a property in Singapore. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for you to assess if our services are a good match for what you are looking for. Just think of this as a first date!

Once you decide to proceed further, we would do financial calculation and planning with you to find out what would work best to align with your financial needs and goals.

We will work out a schedule with you which will allow us to meet the required milestones on time in order to make your ideal move-in date happen. Or simply put, an action plan with a timeline!

This is when we will do the heavy lifting. We will comb through the listings that we have on hand to shortlist those that meets your requirements. This will also be supplemented with listings that we will source for through our extensive network. Sometimes, this is how our buyers would even end up purchasing homes that have yet to be publicly listed.


Here’s the fun bit for you. This is when you will get to view the shortlisted homes that we think could be your dream abode. We know your time is a precious commodity, so we always aim to create a schedule that allows you to see these homes in a time efficient manner.

Congratulations on reaching this major milestone. Once you’ve found “the one”, we will negotiate the best price for your dream home. We will also guide you on the necessary paperwork to make your purchase official. This is the time when you might want to start chilling that bottle of bubbly!

Planning to sell or buy a property? We can help you.

Selling your Property

Looking to sell your home at the best market value possible but not sure of where to start? Just leave it to us to market your property and help you sell it at a price that you are happy with. Our strength is in creative marketing (check out our team’s profile!) and we are confident of getting your home in front of potential buyers quickly and efficiently.

We will brief you on the current market trends and consult with you to determine the best price for your home. Next, we will work out an action plan to market your home and find you a buyer in the shortest time possible.

Your home will be professionally styled so that we can present it in the best light possible in photographs and on video (more on that later). This could entail some minor shifting of furniture and the addition of some home décor items. We will manage this entirely and schedule this at a time of your convenience.


You know what they say. A picture speaks a thousand words. We will hire a photographer to take high quality pictures of your newly styled home. These photos are what we would use to create our marketing material for your home.

Virtual tours have been rising in popularity in the last few years. The recent pandemic was also an obvious catalyst that caused the surge in their use. This is a very efficient and effective way of showing your home to a large pool of buyers. What we do is to film some footage of your newly styled home and edit them into a short-form video for marketing use.

This is when we use the marketing material that we’ve created for your home and advertise them to potential buyers. Our team is experienced in traditional and digital marketing. They will create a marketing plan that uses a strategic mix of marketing tools to get your home listing to as many potential buyers as possible. This will be done via popular property portals, social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and their extensive private network of contacts.

Our Rates



  • Commission is paid by seller.



  • Payable by the HDB buyer to agent




  • Commission is paid by seller.
  • 3-month exclusive term.



  • Payable by the HDB seller to agent
  • 3-month exclusive term.


All rates are subject to GST.


1/2 month

  • For every 1-year lease/renewal
  • Payable to agent by respective client  


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We’re happy to have a chat with you (via Zoom or over coffee) to discover what we can do for you. It comes with absolutely no obligations or cost.

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